Farm design & set up

Farm design & set up

  • $2,500.00
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Bought a new farm or planning to buy? Do you wish a professional farmer would help you design and plan your future farm?

Do you want to save money from not making the many mistakes that first time growers make? Many new growers fail after the first year, especially with no experience and just money. There is much to know before you get started. Plan to succeed with a farmer on your team.

Starting a new organic food production system requires a lot of experience to get it right. There are many things to know before you plan such a venture. From water systems, soil fertility, infrastructure, plant growing methods, types of tools needed etc etc

You can save a lot of time & money by getting professional help from the start. So why not book Farmer Dave to come to your place and give personalised guidance and plans for your land.

You can now hire farmer Dave to do this design for you and even do the ground work. Depending how big of a property you are looking will determine the price, so reach out for a quote. Prices start from as low as $2500. 

If you have a garden dream, then go for it. Progressive mentoring is also available after as consultations.


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