Co-op W39 Veg Box Pick up 30th of September

Co-op W39 Veg Box Pick up 30th of September

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This regenerative no-dig organic farmer in Clyde Victoria, is offering a selection of 12 seasonal items to be included in this box, for PICK UP ONLY on Week 31 2022 which is Friday the 9th of September between 10:30am-1pm, directly from the farm at 221 Manks Rd, Clyde. 

If you do not show up by then and without notice, the box will be donated to a family in need in our local area, so be sure to email if you are not going to make it before 1pm. 

You can add extras such as fruits & dry food to this box if you select and prepay it together with your order, just add away in your shopping chart just like a grocery store, only easier :)

* Be sure to order by Sunday latest 5pm for the up coming week, if received after 5pm your order will be bumped to the following week. FARMER IS OFF on Mondays so no emails will be checked.