Growing Consults in person with farmer David

Growing Consults in person with farmer David

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Do you wish you had the help of a professional regenerative organic farmer to help you design and plan your back yard food garden?

Do you want to save money from not making the many mistakes that first time growers make?

You can save a lot of time & headaches by getting farmer Dave to your place and get the best guidance possible to start a new organic food garden and watering system or even improve on an existing garden.

You can now hire farmer Dave by the hour.  Pre order 1 or 2 hours for your next session with to work on your space. Wether it be for home garden, community or market garden design, farmer Dave is ready with too much experience :) He is currently running his full time 4 season regenerative no till organic market garden in Clyde, Victoria, Australia which is Raw Eatables farm in Melbourne.

In his consults David will assess your property in person and then share with you his knowledge, ideas and methods how you can design and plan to increase your food security in your available garden space. Whatever size it is and suggest a strategy how to move forward and decide what to grow in an organic way.

Zoom calls, phone calls or emailing photos with descriptions with questions is the latest method used for these consults during lockdowns and restrictions, however if you live within 60km of Clyde David will drive out to you if there is available time.

If you have a garden dream, then go for it. Progressive mentoring is also available after you're consult at a lower fee.