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Check out our weekly blog on this website every Friday night (7pm onwards) to see what the latest variety is available for ordering on Saturdays. Orders must be in latest by Sunday midday 12pm. Delivery will be on Thursdays from 9:30am until 7pm depending on your drop off point location.  Check with us first via sms to find out if we can reach your address. If you don't check first we may need to cancel your order and place a refund if its outside our delivery reach.


We provide home delivery from our farm in Clyde to Melbournian's in the south east suburbs.

Our pricing related to our zoning on all preselected box sizes (FOR INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ONLY ORDERS select zone 4 + zone 1,2 or 3 .

Zone 1 is within 30km included with any preselected box size

Zone 2 just $5 for upto 40km away 

Zone 3 up to 50km away for $10 

Contact us first to check if delivery is possible to your address to avoid disappointment and or waiting on refunds which can take from 5-10 business days through our back end!

​Singles, families or group drop offs are also available every Thursday by placing an order over the weekend, latest 3pm Sunday each week.

Contact us via sms or call 0402 340 543S