About Us

Raw Eatables was founded by David Da Eira in 2014 after rehabilitating land on the edge of the Urban sprawl. In 2019 he was forced to relocate the farm operation and start again. Now in Clyde, Melbourne's south east food hub another piece of land has been convert to produce food, using biointensive cultivation without ever using chemicals and instead works with organic nature friendly methods to manage weeds by human strength and skill.

Soil & food production methods used are founded in the organic industry and soil food web biology principles, utilising the microscope for continual confirmation of soil, compost quality and plant health.

David is extremely passionate and leads the way in Melbourne, using bio-nutirent biology enhancement (compost tea ) methods, permaculture for zoning, in house composting making, and a sustainable closed loop system for waste management
. This means empowering the soil biology, while honouring the land and people every step of the process and incurring the true cost of the food produced with no negative after effects as experienced in mainstream conventional food production.

Raw Eatables uses man power to manage the fields naturally through regenerative agriculture, only using hand tools and no large tractors for planting, weeding, harvesting and soil management (minimising fossil fuel dependency), as traditional farmers did over 400 years ago, while locking up as much carbon in the soil through no till raised beds.

Our focus is to revive the awareness and support around the true efforts and cost in growing nutrient rich food, while inspiring people back to eating how nature intended, without chemicals (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, larvicides etc) and focused on plant based nutrition as we once did foraged for thousands of years ago. We insist on a daily practise of doing things by hand and taking care to give plenty of attention to each plant and develop the quality of crops over each year.

We are dedicated to ensure the availability of healthy clean vegetables over all four seasons of the year, not just in summer and autumn, ensuring a real food policy all year roundVote YES with your dollars! Out of necessity we have had to stop our convenient HOME DELIVERY service and focus 100% on our 2 weekend market stores. Our Clyde Farm Gate every Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm & Sat 9am-1pm accept on Easter, XMAS, NY. For now we have halted the Sunday market at Alphington VFMA approved Farmers Market 9am-1pm, until further notice.

We grow 50 varieties of vegetables in our temperate climate and we support other farms by buying in when necessary organic certified fruits to compliment what we grow eg, Apples, bananas & oranges. 
We always aim for the highest quality produce and hope to encourage conscious eaters who want to support a better future for food without the need for chemicals in agriculture.

Raw Eatables is an urban biointensive farm that grows everything possible in our temperate climate. We harvest everything as fresh as possible for our market stores. Everything we do is about sustainability, clean and healthy food that is nutrient dense. Try our products for your self and get behind real grass roots change in our community.

If you've eaten today, you can thank a farmer :)


Introducing David & Katie:
David and Katie share many life interests especially in the area of health. They have spent 2 decades studying, practicing and developing their way of life. They enjoy organic plant based nutrition and practice clean sustainable living to get the best out of each day and now provide others with the opportunity to do the same through organic farming, health retreats and workshops.

David Da Eira has built up years of experience in the sustainability and organic industry. Over the past two decade David has studied and practiced different growing methods, natural farming, biodynamics, permaculture and bio-nutrient biological growing. Simultaneously he has been an independent researcher of health and conscious living. Giving up everything thing else to pursue his deep love for growing vegetables full time, David found himself on a similar path to his European grand parents in becoming a farmer. He’s a passionate speaker on the keys to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. He has a massive green thumb and loves to be on the field! 

Contact him to book a consultation/mentoring program to improve your home veggie garden or make a plan to learn about growing food organically to thrive.

Katie Ballantyne is a practicing Naturopath who focus’s on removing the obstacles that prevent health and vitality. Her abilities to diagnose through various methods enables for best results and guidance towards a healthier future for you and your family members. Along with empowering people through herbal medicine Katie believes that ‘food as medicine’ is the key to prevention and allows the body to do what it does best – self heal. Book yourself in to see Katie to have her come up with a personalised plan for you as an individual to improve your lifestyle. On the field she’s Wonder Woman, super fast harvesting and precision to detail! Book a consultation with her to regain your path of health and heal your self.

Through our veggies we aim to inspire others to move ‘back’ to organic/traditional (chemical free) food and allow the body to cleanse and heal, while supporting our regenerative farming practices that mitigate against climate change. 

Those who like to get out and about, our weekly market access is: 

Saturdays: Farm Gate 221 Manks Rd, Clyde VIC: 9am-1pm

Sundays: Alphington Farmers Market: 9am-1pm on every Sunday! (Address: 2 Wingrove st, Alphington).

Come say hello to us while topping up on some tasty tucker.