Raw Eatables Organic Farm WINTER delivery options - Week 33 - Delivery 13th & 14th August, 2020

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Dear clients, This week we entered stage 4 lock down, which we know is not fun however we are trying to make the experience a healthy one by offer home delivery twice a week. Thursdays will be dedicated to the furthest address and then Friday to our most local friends. If you want to lock in your orders and guarantee most items just get the order in by 3pm Sundays so we can make sure our counts cover everyone, especial for fruits. After that the next opportunity is by 5pm Wednesdays for locals for the friday. Still if you can aim for Sundays, its just better over all for us too :)

This coming weeks options are;

Beetroots or Pal Choi
Celery or Lettuce
Coriander or Dill
Salad mix

Additionally you can add extras to any size box -
Apples $7.90kg
Avocado $4
Bananas $5.90kg
Beetroot $7kg
Cabbage green $6
Carrots $8kg
Cauliflower large $8 S $4
Celery $8.50each or half bunch $4.50
Garlic purple bulb $10 - 250g
Ginger 100g $5
Grapefruit $6kg
Herbs: cori, dill & parsley $3.50
Kale nero $4
Kiwi $10kg
Lemons $8kg
Lettuce $3.50
Mandarines $11kg
MUSHROOM Swiss brown $5
Onions $6kg
Oranges Navel sweets $5kg
Passionfruit $5 for 250g
Potato $4.50kg
Pumpkin $4kg
Salad mix bag $5
Spinach bag $5
Spinach bunch $4.50
Spring onions $3.80
Sweet potato $8kg
Turmeric $5 per 100g

☆ changes to items can occur depending availability and weather issues, you would be notified of any last minute changes.

Box sizes: 
S - Small Veg (7 items) $38, 
M - Medium Veg (9 items) $48, 
L - Large Veg (12 items) $58, 
XLV veg only (16 items) $80

▪ No longer offer any seasonal mixed fruit box while fruit variety is hard to get enough and fulfil such a mix.

*Above box prices include delivery within 30km from our farm in CLYDE! Check below zoning and select correctly when ordering via website, if unsure please sms David to check:
Zone 1 - 0-30km from farm (don't need to select anything) $0
Zone 2 from 30km up to 45km from farm= $5
Zone 3 is for up to 60km $10
when selecting only individual items you must select zone 4 along with your zone. eg zone 2. This will total the order completely.

Orders accepted until 2pm Sundays. Confirm your order by sending thru an SMS with your requested box size and items requested with any extras required in alphabetically ordered and finally a SCREENSHOT of your 'BANK TRANSFER payment'. Or order via the website and leave your requests in the comments section in shopping cart. DELIVERY on THURSDaYS :)

All communications should be to the following number only 0402 340 543.

Wishing you a wellness and good times.

P.S Many thanks for voting 'local organic and nutritious food'.

Kindest regards
Farmer David Da Eira :)

BANK Details
Please put your name in payment description so we can  track it back to you
Account name: Raw Eatables
BSB: 062 692
Acc: 3075 0407

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