IMPORTANT UPDATES: 3 Market stall options to visit, NO DELIVERIES

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Greetings friends of Raw Eatables Farm,

Over the month of October I had a chance to consolidate and simplifying my work week. The aim was to get more field work done, as spring is hectic and requires 1000% input and extra mental and physical focus. I discovered that I was previously losing 15-18hours a week just on managing home deliveries, with no spare time for much else after a full farming week.

Over October I focused all my selling efforts and produce towards 3 weekly markets, which worked out much better for the farmers work life balance. It was a mini miracle after 6 years to see what giving up the tremendous weekly job of home deliveries was like. I have since made the important decision to continue my focus towards markets and not do deliveries in 2020 and instead take a pay cut to have a better work flow week with a little more time for family at the end of each day.

I thank everyone who was committed to my weekly home delivery service and wish to invite you instead to come visit and shop with me at one of my weekly market stalls.

3 markets I or Dale are at WEEKLY, details are as follow:

Saturdays: @ RAWEATABLES Farm Gate -  221 Manks Rd, Clyde - 9am-12pm

Saturdays : @ Fitzroy Mills Market - 75 Rose St, Fitzroy - 9am-1pm

Sundays : @ Alphington Farmers Market VFMA - 2 Wingrove st Alphington (opposite the Alphington train station) - 9am-1pm


Please support Regenerative, no till, organic farming, so we can save this world together just by shifting our efforts and ways of doing things that will assist our footprint and health. We choose preventative health through our daily food consumption.

See you at the markets

Love from Your farmer David.D

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